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"By the way, we are students from De La Salle University - Dasmarinas"

"Style" is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style.
20 June 13

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22 December 12

Sorry my dear followers but I’m gonna close this BLOG!!!

I’m so sorry.. This blog is only made for our project “not” for our daily life here in DLSUD.. SORRY! :(

16 March 12

Students Reactions about Implementing the Dress Code in De La Salle University

If we were to live in a world without restrictions, imagine the possibilities. Even adults can be irrational at times. Imagine people going to school in a pair of shorts slippers and sandos. I believe that there is a time and place for everything. In school, being comfortable is not the main concern, besides we can still be comfortable and at the same time presentable. Not to disagree with any of you but there are times when we need limitations inn the freedoms we have. Limitations in a sense that that person takes it into himself to give dignity to what he does, or for that matter, what he wears. Being mature tells us exactly this. By temporarily suspending the dress code, we want to show the school that we do not need restrictions as such. But to prove this, being responsible is the task at hand. I just don’t understand the dress code. And reason nila is that we should dress in a decent manner that is becoming of a La Sallian. Do wearing spaghetti-strapped blouses make you unbecoming of a La Sallian? Nasa tumitingin at sa nagdadala yon eh. Meron iba, kahit na hindi naman very revealing (ie., fitted mini shirts), mas malaswa pa ngang tingnan as compared to someone wearing a tube top. Tsaka akala ko ba La Salle treats each and every La Sallian as an adult? If we are treated as adults, why trample our right to expression? We have the right to express ourselves even through the simplest means such as clothing. So what kung naka-micro mini skirt/short ba siya? Does that make her indecent? Grabe lang yung pananakal nila when it comes to the dress code. Sheeeesh.

We think that we students are old enough to know what to wear in school, and that we are not dumb enough to wear clothes that we know are improper.

We think that the dress code should be lifted because the way people dress is one way of expressing their own personality. And I think that Lasallians are smart enought to know what is acceptable for people to wear and what’s improper!


The pressing issue at hand now is the Dress Code, and how it always seems to be a never-ending debate between students, administration, faculty, and parents.  The problem with the existing policy is that the implementation is still inconsistent, there are still loopholes, students don’t understand the objective/goal

the existing Dress Code tells us what NOT to wear but does not say what we should be ENCOURAGED to wear; hence, students do not also understand the end goal. It could be that we need a Dress Code that is stated in a more proactive way, listing the goals that it wants to achieve so that students would be able to appreciate the essence and follow accordingly, still with the freedom to wear what they choose within the objectives.

Can you give some tips to your fellow Lasallians on how they can dress up for school without compromising both style and comfort?

"The best tip I can give them would be just to dress up the way you want to dress up. I know it’s pretty cliché to say that but it’s true! You should find comfort in the clothes you wear, that’s the important thing about fashion. You dress up the way you are comfortable with. Now, when it comes to styling, all you have to do is just be updated and be aware of the different trends, even the old school trends; and from there, you can mix and match! That’s one way of styling yourself (well that’s what I do). Also, another tip would be dressing up according to the weather; that will help you be more comfortable with what you are wearing. It’s all about knowing what style you want, or an idea of the style you want and just playing or experimenting with it."

What are your staple clothing items for school 

"It would be cropped tops, my black skinnies and bandage skirt, my brown leather knapsack, and either sandals, black flats or boots."

15 March 12


a La Sallian are not only inclined to academics subjects but also in sports we had also flair with fashion. Aside from it we are dressing up to express one’s self. That’s why during Wednesday or “WASH DAYS” (where students get to wear civilian clothes because they are washing their school uniform) there is always a fashion show at our school you can always see a fashionista walking. It’s like there is always a fashion show to date. La sallians are divided when it comes to dressing up and here are some categories that you might belong.



These people always wear what they see on the magazines they look pretty good and very fashionable mostly CLA students and CIHM students. They always wear amazing clothes were they want to be fashionable in the eyes of our fellow students. And they look like model. Outfit kung Outfit!.


they are the proud one who always wears shirts, jackets, with the printed star or name on it. Because they want to share to other people that they are lasallians.




Students who wear their college shirts because they are so proud on whatever course they’re in. 

college shirt of CIHM


they believed in a saying that SIMPLICITY IS THE BEST POLICY. The COMMONERS people in our school they are the one who wear simple top, shirt and plain jeans. With flats or chucks because they wanted to feel comfortable inside the campus. 


I don’t know also why people wear anime clothes at school. Yes it’s hot but why do I care it’s their choice. Anyway I admire them because they don’t care what people might say they just wear what they really feel and what they want to look. They are also cute but some are over props.


the emo’s are the loner in our campus they want to be alone and they always wear eyeliner and black nail polish. Sometimes they also wear all black clothes. Some people became emo because they are always heartbroken and sometimes they just want to belong. The emotero are most popular because they have undefeated bangs from head to chin. And the emotera just look like a rock star.

The workers

Management students who always wear corporate business attires during Monday’s and Friday’s. It is required for them to wear it. For boys Long sleeves, short sleeves, slacks pants, black shoes. And for girls formal blouse, slacks, skirt. Their uniform were so hot,

that’s all :)

But there are certain LIMITATIONS to follow regarding dressing up on washdays and summer classes according to our students’ handbook. Here are the following restrictions: 

All kinds of shorts and torn/worn out jeans: 

Spaghetti straps, razor backs, tube tops: 

Blouses and dresses with plunging neckline/backless: 

Midriffs, hanging blouses, off shoulder blouses and dresses: 

Mini/micro-mini skirts (more than 2 inches above the knee): 

Rubber slippers, worn out shoes: 

Body hugging blouses and skirts/pants: 

Body hugging blouses and skirts/pants: 

See-through attires: 

- Your id will be confiscated by SWAFO (Student Welfare and Formation Office). Tsktsktsktsk…

Some our obliging it religiously and some just don’t. Unlike in DLSU- Manila and DLS-CSB, THERE ARE NO RULES REGARDING THE WAY THE STUDENTS DRESS UP INSIDE THE UNIVERSITY. Really UNFAIR! Haha

But if you look at the brighter side of it, it reminds us on what is the real purpose why we are inside the University. We are there because we are studying not just to walk and buy new clothes to show to other people. Because you don’t want (especially for the LADIES) your block mate/s to ogle on whatever you’re wearing right? It tends to feel sooooo UNCOMFORTABLE. You don’t even want your guy Profs to stare at you in a different manner don’t you? Though having wash days also give a notion to some students to have new outfits every Wednesdays. Bet they don’t want to repeat the same outfits they had again…again…And again. Why not? What’s wrong with repeating a shirt, jeans and etc? Be creative instead. Mix and Match is the key! 


Skinny Jeans/Tights 
(JEANS: a must have for every fashionista’s and plain janes!TIGHTS: this is the in thing this season though it’s not allowed because according to SWAFO “BODY HUGGING“ daw)



RESTRICTED ONES.Though some still wears it… 




(because students’ wanted to look chic and it’s super hot outside. nakakasilaw is the term. It’s also a great cover up to for those eye bags!) 

Huge Sunnies 

Wayfarer Shades 

Aviator Shades 

Shoes (another must have an essential rather^_^) GLADIATORS (if you want to look in, wear this!) 

(because it is VERSATILE period.) 

Pointy Black Pumps 
(Perfect (?) partner for school uniform for the chicas, it may look posh but it could give you calluses afterwards! Ouch!) 

Crocs (hmmm…forget it!haha) 

(some students’ still wear flip flops even if it’s not allowed inside the University. It‘s comfy daw eh) 

Chuck Taylor 
(everybody (I guess) has pair or two) 

Plaid Shirts 
(a lot of ladies were (I believe) crazy over this trend. 
Maybe it is because of Gossip Girl…XOXO) 

(can’t get enough of them! For you’ll be needing one or more 
regardless of its style and size) 

                                                     Shemaghs                                                                                                                                                  this is so 2008 but some can’t still get over this style…aspiringABUSAYAFS?!hehe) 

13 March 12

First Impression Last!

In the world of business, first impressions count just as much as experience and ability. What you wear communicates that impression even before you say anything. Are you neat or careless? Well-groomed or sloppy? Do you look competent and successful or incapable and inept? Fortunately, the rules of business attire are explicit and easy to follow.

Some courses are required to wear business attire. Two of these courses are Hotel and Restaurant and Tourism Management. Being in this industry, we are obliged to wear this uniform for us to be recognized by other people and to gain more respect because I am not just going to meet and entertain simple people but rather bosses.

Another reason why they are required to wear business attire is for them to be presentable in front of many people because they are working for almost 24 hours or less.  

That is why we really need to wear proper uniform not just for fashion but also for our own progress and identity. 

11 March 12
Business Attire For CBA Students.

Business Attire For CBA Students.

Posted: 9:52 AM
Business Attire for Tourism Students.

Business Attire for Tourism Students.

Posted: 9:50 AM
Business Attire For HRM students

Business Attire For HRM students

Posted: 9:47 AM
NSTP shirt. 

NSTP shirt. 

Posted: 9:43 AM
Cetenial Shirt partnered with Jeans and Close shoes. We wear this every Friday

Cetenial Shirt partnered with Jeans and Close shoes. We wear this every Friday

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