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11 March 12

Quick tour at our School DLSU-D. :))

Dlsu-D’s Main gate or Gate 1 -  Everyday I am always passing in this place. There are guards that are checking your ID before you can go inside. Sometimes they are asking you to scan your Id in the scanner.

Rotonda - is where you will wait for the Ikot Lassale(the jeepney). Many Lassalians hangout in this place, Rotonda is a nice place to hangout, the place is cool and you can sit on the cement on the side. Sometimes rotonda is the place when you are waiting for someone.

The Chapel - This is the place where the mass happens.

CIHM or Colllege  of International Hospitality Management  - is our building. Most of the classes of hrm and tourism students are in this building. The building is beautiful and fresh (because it is new built). The building has Laboratories for the HRM students. The ground floor serves as a function hall if there is an event or activities.

Lake avenue - Where Students are walking from their building Like Ceat, CBA, MTH LDH, this place will never be cleared, all the time there is a student that is walking in here. This avenue is Cool even in the noon because of the tall trees in the sides. But there is a foul smell coming from the lake because of the fish that students do not like. 

Emilio Aguinaldo (Library) - where students GO if there are research to do or assignments or projects. This library is reliable because of the sources inside. You can easily find what you are looking for because of the computers that you can search where you can find the book that you want; also there is an attendant who will tell you where to find the book that you are looking for. This place is sanctuary because of the silence and peace; you can see students that are seriously doing their things.


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